LIPA STANDARD is an intermediate service package that we can offer to the members of the LIPA International Association. LIPA STANDARD Package includes:

Organization of transport

Any steps and formalities administrative in all the countries

Town hall
Call of a ecclesiastes (According to religion and possibility)

For the deceased

The cleansing of the body
Clothing of body
Professional make-up
Care of preservation (on request beforehand)

Funeral articles for transportation

Coffin (oak) of qualiy to the choice
Obligatory coffin zinc for transport
Padding in flax

Transport to the defined address

Transport to the defined address
Constant phone information of the family for the transport
Delivery to the family or to the local funeral services

Organization of funerals


Organization of funerals
Printing of the announcements of death
Announcement to inform in the local newspapers
Wood memorial for the grave

Digging of grave

We organize digging except in cemeteries under monopoly

Transport of the deceased to the cemetery

Transport of the deceased to the cemetery
Call of a ecclesiastes (According to religion and possibility)
Delivery of wheat and accessories for the mass at the address
Organization of the transport of honor


– The Association does not bear the costs of the burial place in any case, and neither for the public utility services in the city where the cemeteries have a monopoly except in the case of a partnership with the association.
– To choose minimum the package LIPA STANDARD for cremation. Optional adding of other services to packages with other services according to possibility and agreement, such as: the use of the chapel, photographer, camerman, orchestral music, release of doves.
– The option to choose the service package is not available to members at the local level due to the impossibility of realization of organization and the logistics of the associations.

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