About Lipa Association

The economic crisis in all countries of the world and the decline in revenue in almost all classes of our society over the past 10 years have led to a situation where people have less funds for funeral services which are very expensive.
LIPA Association was established with the support of a large number of partners – companies and institutions from several business areas such as pension and social insurance, funeral funds and insurance, funeral companies across Europe and the Balkans and various religious institutions.
We are all aware of the fact that today the funeral services cost a lot and that instead of staying focused on how to deal with the loss of a loved one in moments of greatest sorrow, we need to think about the amount of money that is needed, and that is at the present time difficult to provide. Therefore was founded the LIPA association, so that you do not worry about money and payment of funeral services in your worst moments. The aim of the association is to afford to a great number of people from all stratum of society the high-quality and affordable funeral services for themselves.
Business is based on the following principle:
On the one hand as a funeral fund (subventions, donations, various state and private assistance, membership fees, etc.), and on the other hand, mainly on the principle of group insurance, which provides up to 12 times lower price than an independent insurance policy.
LIPA Association is a funeral warranty which is there to protect and stand by its members before and after the funeral, to represent them, advise and assist in all aspects – financial, psychological and administrative.

Become a member of the association and make for yourself and your loved ones funeral warranty. We are always there for you and with you.

How can we help you?

If you have questions or only need for an advice,all the team of Lipa Association would be happy of being able to help you and inform you.Do not hesitate to contact us,we are here for you.

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